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Wastewater Treatment Solutions

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  • Foam Control

    Our proven products are formulated to handle any foam challenges, including treatment of bacterial foam.


  • Odor Control

    Our products are effective in controlling and eliminating wastewater odors in municipal and industrial applications.


  • Sludge Dewatering

    We offer treatment solutions to reduce sludge volume and disposal costs.


  • Solids Settling & Water Clarification

    We can provide a wide range of products for use in a variety of applications to improve clarity and settling.


Addressing Industry Challenges


Maintain Compliance


Our broad and complete line of industrial wastewater treatment products allow us to be your single-source supplier. Kuilai serves you by providing creative water treatment solutions to protect the environment and your bottom line.



Reduce Costs

Our team of specialists have expertise in creating solutions to reduce the total effluent treatment costs for the food processing, metal finishing, pulp & paper, mining, general manufacturing, and municipal markets.




Wastewater Treatment Processes and Procedures


Today’s manufacturers and municipalities are faced with complex environmental challenges. Ever-tightening regulatory restrictions have led to increased operational costs, creating a need for efficient chemical programs. We offer a consultative, problem-solving approach to chemical optimization and reduction of overall costs associated with treating wastewater in manufacturing processes.



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