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  • Acid Stimulation

    Specialty additives and commodity acids delivered right to the well site, they can be pre-blended to customer specification and delivered in bulk, or formulated on-site with concentrated specialty additives.


  • Contract Manufacturing

    kuichem offers custom blending, tolling, and contract manufacturing with dedicated R&D and technical service staff to assist in solving challenging issues.


  • Fracking

    kuichem has specialty additives to improve working fluids during hydraulic fracturing. Products can be delivered on site as pre-blended or delivered in concentrated additives to suit the specific needs of the well, in bulk quantities or in packages.


  • Product Development

    kuichem has a pipeline of new products being developed in-house and with customer collaboration, and a team of chemists to provide creative solutions for the energy industry.


  • Wastewater Treatment

    Complete line of industrial products for wastewater treatment in processes such as manufacturing, metal finishing, mining and pulp & paper processing.


kuichem offers solutions for all of your company's energy needs


Our Commitment

kuichem is committed to providing our customers with top of the line service and quality solutions to help your company perform at its best.


Technical Support

Our team of specialists have expertise in creating solutions. kuichem’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience in solving the most challenging formulating problems. kuichem has a strong commitment to quality and customer service.


Lab & Analysis

kuichem provides product testing services for our customers in the form of chemical analysis and product performance testing. Our chemists are experienced formulation experts and are here to help customers with product development and industrial support.

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