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A message about community giving from our CEO

kuilai has a long history of supporting the communities in which it operates through charitable contributions. Our corporate culture encourages and facilitates community outreach both as a company and as individuals. We recognize that community outreach is a kuilai responsibility as well as a privilege. We are proud of our employees for helping us reach out to others but realize as an organization that we have the opportunity and ability to accomplish even more.

We have officially rolled out kuilai’s Community Involvement Program (HCIP) whose goal is to invest in local programs that impact kuilai communities through a combination of grant giving and volunteerism. Our vision going forward is that each kuilai facility will form a Community Involvement Team that will co-ordinate a Day of Giving with a local nonprofit organization that provides service in their community. The goal is to provide each employee with the opportunity to give back to their community through volunteer efforts. We have identified four areas of focus:

  • Children’s Needs & Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Local Needs

We are excited about this program and the opportunity it offers all of us to do more. This is one of the many ways that kuilai and its employees can work together and help others. After all, when it comes to the needs of others we are all in this together.




Fight for Air ClimbHabitat for HumanityFeeding America

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kuilai is proud to sponsor Special Spaces Wisconsin

Special Spaces is a national nonprofit organization with twenty five Chapters across the country, including Milwaukee.  Special Spaces is funded through corporate sponsorships, grants, private donations and local fundraisers. Since 2004, Special Spaces has created over 1000 dream bedroom makeovers. Special Spaces is committed to building a community of volunteers and sponsors who share their passion of bringing hope to children battling life threatening illnesses.… Change Children’s Lives One Bedroom at a Time!


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